About us

About Us

We are a family butchery based in the UK. We have 46-years experience in the processing of meat and the marketing of meat products.

We have a special arrangement with a well-known wholesaler in our area that prepare all our orders and we get discounts on bulk.

Before we package your order we make sure everything is perfect. We post anywhere in the UK.

Originally from South Africa, Jose’s butchery was based in Bethlehem, South Africa.

We have been making our signature boerewors since then, with customers coming from all over to buy from us.

The first day of every week Jose help them prepare a batch of boerewors using the finest beef, no fillers no junk.

Boerewors is a traditional part of the South African cuisine.

Our boerewors is 80% beef with 20% delicate blend of herbs and spices.

Excellent on the braai (or BBQ), and can also be prepared in the oven or fried in the pan.

The leftovers will taste just as good the following day. You haven’t tasted great boerewors until you have tried ours, the best north of the Equator.

We would need to freeze your boerewors for a short period before we post to ensure its freshness.

Jose de Jesus is a veteran butcher with 46 years experience in the industry. If you have ever been to Betlehem in the Free State you will know who he is.

Ciglers butchery and Cold storage employed over 100 people and produced tons of meat products for the local community, schools, universities, hospitals etc.

Jose moved to the UK in 2015 to spend more time with his children and grandchildren.

Frans Brewis is married to Merlisa, Jose’s oldest daughter.

Frans is the IT guy responsible for the website but also helps with the meat. Like Jose he likes to prepare his own products and have been doing so for years because he wants to know exactly what is used to make his boerewors.

Frans is also responsible for the website and marketing.

Mary, is Jose’s wife and she will be responsible for managing all the orders and handle any special inquiries or requests.

Contact her if you have any questions regarding the products or you want to follow up on the status of your order.


Slaghuis sells and deliver quality meat products not only to expats from South Africa, but also to the public, caterers, public houses, restaurants or any establishment that requires meat.


We want to be the go to provider for our clients when it comes to meat products and will do our utmost to ensure that our prices are the best in town, significantly lower than most supermarkets.


To always source good quality meat products and placing the needs of our customers first. We welcome feedback and believe a happy customer is a customer for life.