Original Flavour South African Beef Sausage – for making Droewors (dried sausage): Min-1kg


If you don’t have the time to make your own droewors then you have to try our ready to dry droewors that you can just hang and dry yourself in your biltong dryer.

Making your own traditional South African beef droewors is an inexpensive way to enjoy your favourite meat snack and is becoming increasingly popular by South Africans living overseas.

I remember that growing up as a child, I used to love snacking on a salami stick or a piece of beef droewors.

Droewors is a cured sausage made with the same ingredients as a boerewors sausage, that is then air dried in a biltong maker.

Basically, it is a dried sausage and that is why some people also refer to it as dry wors or dry sausage.

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You will need a biltong dryer, the droewors is spiced and ready to hang

Ingredients: beef 80%, Vinegar (water, acidity regulator: acetic acid, colour : ammonia caramel), natural sheep’s casings, Worcestershire sauce (malt vinegar BARLEY, spirit vinegar, molasses, sugar, salt, anchovies (FISH), tamarind extract onions, garlic, spice, flavouring). Droewors Spices (salt, maize cereal, WHEAT flour, spices and herbs (irradiated), Preservative: Sodium Sulphate (e221), Flavour enhancers: (e635), msg (e621)).

For allergens see ingredients listed in BOLD

*Contains genetically modified organisms

Droewors seasoning (not suitable for people with WHEAT, GLUTEN, SOYA BEAN, MILK & ALLERGY due to manufacture in a factory that handles these items)

Drying Instructions: Hang in biltong dryer, and dry until a 40-60% weight loss has been achieved

Can keep frozen for 6 months in the freezer. When required defrost in the fridge overnight and hang in the biltong dryer to dry

Country of origin: UK

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The best meat for droewors

The most common type of meat that you can use is probably beef however, you can also mix the beef with other meat like game, venison or pork.

The amount of fat also has an influence on the taste and texture. If it is to lean your droewors can be hard and difficult to chew.

Droewors Spices

A traditional South African spice mix will be made up of salt, black pepper, roasted coriander seed, grounded clove and nutmeg.

You will also need some vinegar and Worcestershire sauce. Unlike boerewors where you dilute the vinegar with 2 parts water, you will not do this with droewors.

If you don’t like the original flavour recipe then you can also add garlic or chilli to add a different flavour.

Drying process

If you are living in an area with very moist conditions like the UK, then it is very important that you have adequate airflow and a 60 watt light bulb in your biltong case.

Also, make sure that your droewors are not to close to each other and touching each other to prevent it from growing mould.

You can start testing your droewors after about 2 days in the dryer. Droewors with a high-fat content will take a bit longer to dry

How to make droewors

Decide on the quantity of meat you want to use, cut it into small pieces and add your fat or pork fat.

Add your mixed spices and vinegar to the meat and mince your meat in the meat mincer.

Remember to roast your coriander over low heat until it’s a nice dark brown colour.

Stuff the minced meat in sheep casings, the 24mm casing work best for a thin sausage.

Hang it in your biltong drier for a couple of days and soon you will be snacking on this tasty traditional South African sausage

Weight1 kg